Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Extraordinary Project By Suzanne Clores

On a whim, I was searching Kickstarter today and came across this project, and it really caught my attention. So, I just wanted to share it with you, in case you're interested.

In a nut shell, this project is a web-based story collection of our most unusual human experiences - from strange coincidences, to "knowing" what is about to happen before it does, to hearing messages from the deceased - all of it. Suzanne's goal is to collect 100,000 true stories and perhaps change the conversation around the ways in which we communicate with ourselves and each other.

I pledged $10, and the reward is: a dollar bill thank you, and a personal thank you phone call to chat about your thoughts on the extraordinary. Pretty cool. This project is open for 22 more days and I really hope it gets the funding it deserves. Thank you for your consideration and I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing, fun filled Christmas!

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