Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Klutzy Kate - Strikes Again!

Every so often I have a moment of sheer klutziness. This can happen anytime, anywhere, without warning.

The worst moment of klutziness ever was when I was running sprints at Crossfit and I slid on the gravel - lost all control, had a huge patch of road rash, blood and gravel on my right leg. Luckily they had a first aid kit, so I was able to patch myself up, but I was done for that day and about a week after that.

The next time I remember I was in Door County. I was with Dave, it was our last day, so we decided to go swimming. The water was freezing and after wading out to about stomach height, I knew I couldn't go much further, so I stopped. As we were walking back to shore, my foot sank in a sandpit and I went all the way under. At least that time the water caught me, but boy was it COLD! Let's just say I was excited to get back to our towels after that.

Then this past Wednesday was my most recent klutz event. I was walking to the train when I noticed a very pretty gray and white cat sunbathing on my neighbors' porch. Being the animal lover that I am, I decided it would be a good idea to try and communicate with it. I let out some purrs when all of a sudden my shoe hit a bump in the sidewalk, and I went down like a sack of potatoes. I fell forward pretty hard and saw blackness for about a second or two. When I came to, my bag had flown down the sidewalk (lucky for me it was closed, so I didn't lose anything out of it), my left palm was scratched and bleeding, my right knee was bloody, and my left big toe was cut. However, I picked myself up and continued on. As soon as I arrived at Open Books I made a beeline for the bathroom to clean up, which worked out well, since I didn't scare any of the elementary school kids I was helping out.

Then the next morning when I woke up, my left shoulder really hurt and I had trouble moving it. So, I iced it for four hours and stretched it out good. Now, I'm feeling back to normal thank goodness, but I really need to be more careful and stop hurting myself so much!

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